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A Short Drama

Written and Directed Jason Snellman

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BEST AMERICAN FILM - Los Angeles Cinemat
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AWARD OF MERIT WINNER - Liberation Social Justice Protest - The IndieFEST Film Awards 2021.png
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Robo & Bash = Jason and Shelly.


But, see, our names are boring. So, of course, when deciding our company name we went with the names of the most magical creatures on Earth (who just happen to be our children): 

Robocop the pug

Bashman the boy

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     Jason Snellman was born and raised in the Upper Midwest. His love and admiration of visual storytelling carried him to Minneapolis, where he studied theatre arts at the University of Minnesota before moving to Los Angeles where he attended the New York Film Academy.

     Since graduating, he has slowly been building his directing resume along with his professional relationships within the industry, with the ultimate goal of directing meaningful films and television for an audience eager to challenge their perceptions. Most recently, he was honored to be brought on board the hit Hulu show Pen15 as the Director's Assistant for all five of the show's immensely talented directors.

     Shelly Snellman is a producer and actress mostly known for her Los Angeles theatre work. She received B.A. (Dramatic Arts) M.L.S. (Liberal Studies) and an M.S. (Digital Social Media) from the University of Southern California.

     Shelly is a "make-it-happen" kind of person; the perfect companion and partner to the dreamer. If you dream it, Shelly will make it a reality. It's not magic; just a lot of lists, spreadsheets, and calendars (the fun stuff!)

   We collaborate with a multitude of industry  professionals, and our network is constantly expanding.  Depending on the project, we bring together a team that will get the job done at a fraction of the cost.